Frequently Asked Questions


Once I order, how long does it take to receive the product? Depending on the product, some orders can be shipped within a week. Custom orders take approximately 5-6 weeks depending on hide availability. When an order is placed we can provide you with a more specific timeline.

Can I add robotics to an existing mount? Please contact us to have a conversation about your specific mount.

Do I have to provide a hide for my product? Typically we stock whitetail deer (regular/extra large), coyote, turkey and bear hides. If you are looking for a specific animal that we do not keep in stock, we are happy to work with our suppliers to find what you are looking for.

I already have a hide. Can Robotic Decoys use the hide I have to create my mount? This is dependent on how the animal was caped out. Please contact us to discuss specifics.

What kind of payment options do you offer? We accept all major credit cards as well as payment through Paypal.  


How does the Robotic Decoys app work? The Robotic Decoy App allows the operator to control their product using Bluetooth technology instead of a large remote control, maximizing portability. Only available for Apple devices at this time.

Where can I get the Robotic Decoy app? The Robotic Decoy app is available on the iTunes App Store free of charge.

How will my product arrive? Turkey mounts will be delivered via ground shipping. All other mounts will be delivered via freight.  

What happens if my product arrives and is not working properly? Please contact Robotic Decoys and we will assist you.

Can a decoy be stored outside? We recommend that all products be stored in an area that is out of the elements.  

Do my products have to run off a remote control or app? No, Robotic Decoys can also use technology to run industrial motors with preset programs.  


What happens if a mechanical part breaks? Robotic Decoys supplies replacement parts at an additional cost. Refer to the accessories section.

What is the range of a traditional transmitter? Using Robotic Decoys' traditional transmitter, you can be up to 1400ft away from the decoy.

Do a set of antlers come with a decoy? Each decoy has the option of having antlers. Customers are welcome to provide us with a set of antlers or we can provide a set of artificial antlers that can be installed at no additional cost.  

Are the poses shown in the pictures the only ones available? No, please contact us to discuss the best pose for your product.

If you have additional questions give us a call, email or fill out our contact form on the contact page. We'll get back to you as soon as possible. 

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